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Friday, November 12, 2010


I was raised a University of Michigan Wolverines football fan. Ever since I can remember, my Dad would give my sister & I maize & blue, Wolverines themed t-shirts, sweaters, etc. & we have donned them proudly over the years. In fact, my Dad recently sent me a package from Michigan that included two band new Wolverines t-shirts for me. So, it only makes sense that our children be raised Wolverines fans, right? Right.

Excuse the craptastic cell phone photos, but I needed to prove the Wolverines fandom that goes on in our house.

I've done the maize & blue proud. Collin's been sporting our colors since he made his debut from the womb. He loves game day & even when we lose, he runs around the house screaming, "Go Blue!" Okay, maybe he just babbles randomly , but I swear I once heard him say it!

Enter Aunt Barb, my Dad's sister, & a Michigan State University Spartans fan. How does such blasphemy happen in a family. I'm not sure, but we love her...despite her obvious downfall & have somehow managed to make it work. That was, until I received Collin's birthday package from Michigan from our beloved Aunt Barb. Imagine my shock when I pulled out a handmade with love, custom Spartans turtleneck!!!


*insert dun dun dun here*

Admittedly, it is so unbelievably & incredibly cute...but how could I, nay how could Collin possibly wear this & shame our Wolverines?! He's just an innocent child!

As I hung Collin's birhday swag in his closet the next day, the sweater mocked me as I placed it on the hanger. Each day since, it's mocked me as I decided what to dress Collin in. Laughing at me, taunting me saying, "You're going to have to put me on him eventually! Na nee na nee boo boo!" It was trying to break me. Chipping away at me every. Single. Day.

Today was the day I broke.

Mama's little Spartan fan...for today, at least.

Okay, okay. It wasn't as bad as I thought. He looks disgustingly cute in the sweater & I love that his name is on the front & back. I especially love that it was made by my Aunt Barb & that we will have this for years & years, along with the Christmas sweater she knitted for me when I was Collin's age (it also has my name stitched on it). I guess, since she loves us so much, Collin can be a Spartans fan....at least for the day.

Thank you for taking the time to make this, Aunt Barb! In all seriousness, we love the sweater & will cherish it long after he outgrows it!


  1. haa! hilarious! but.... are you sure he's a true fan (your dad) and not just buying them for you because it says "michigan"? =p

  2. I love this Sweater it's so cute and those pants are to die for as well :)