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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Luke Patrick

A couple of months ago, my very pregnant Aunt Kristi emailed me. She asked if I would mind shooting the delivery of her third son & my newest cousin, Luke Patrick. I tried to suppress my OMGSOEXCITEDYESYESYES eagerness as I wrote her back telling her I would be honored to be there to document the true miracle of birth...not to mention my newest cousin.

The type of photography I dream of specializing in is birth photography. I've had the privilege of photographing two births previous to my Aunt Kristi & I came away from both shoots with some of my greatest & most precious photos.

The last thing new parents should be worried about is if they are getting enough pictures. It is so rewarding to be able to give them the gift of seeing those first moments of life with their child. To allow them to just be in the moment & not snapping half blurry pictures while also witnessing the birth of their baby. I can't even begin to explain how honored I felt to be present for the birth of my newest cousin & trusted with the task of taking Luke's first photos.

This shoot was different. This shoot was family; so I wasn't exactly prepared for the tears I had to choke back as I watched little Luke's head coming into the world & my Uncle's eyes fill with tears of happiness. In turn, I was consumed with so much joy for my Uncle & Aunt, I had a hard time just staying in the background & quietly snapping pictures...but I'm so glad I was able to.

Welcome to the world, Luke Patrick. The world is so much brighter now that you're here.


  1. These pictures are beautiful, and what an honor to be there to document it for your aunt & uncle.

  2. Thank you! And yes, an incredible honor!

  3. I got all teary eyed reading this - and I don't even know them! What an honor for you to be there!

    and how cute is that little foot photo!