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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Paper Mama Holiday Card Challenge

The Paper Mama


  1. so cute with his scruff and apple juice!

  2. I love the scruff and the kiss on the tail!!

  3. HEHE.. Yea I am still playing around.. I am hoping to get a better shot of everyone once the tree goes up next week and different ones of the girls... I just wanted to see how that sight worked..lol Oh and I bought the subscription LOL..So we will see...

    HAHA I like the one you made.. I was laughing anyways!! Poor Collin...I would save it for his baby book to show him later... Maybe he can turn it in to be a model HAHA

  4. I so need photo editing software:(

  5. absolutely adorable. great job!

  6. This is hilariously cute!! I can't believe I missed this on my reader.