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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Target Trips

I am always so relieved when I read Jess's posts over at IROCKSOWHAT. I am an avid Target shopper. It could possibly be a real problem. I make a trip there at least twice a week. Some of the time, it's not even to buy anything. It's a great excuse to get Collin out of the house & an even better excuse to window shop as I wander down each aisle making an ultimate Target wish list. I love Target's merchandise & am a huge fan of their Dollar Spot. It doesn't help that it is less than three miles from my house. Jess posts photos from her & Wyatt's excursions every so often & it's caused a sort of blog Mama Target spam. Chelsey over at The Paper Mama  & Mandy from A Sorta Fairy Tale both recently wrote Target posts after being inspired by Jess. So, I felt it was my civic duty to post one of my trips with Collin to our favorite Target.

Hello, red circles!

First thing's first, we always browse the Dollar Spot.

Collin loves strolling through the Christmas section. These light up figures are his fave.

It is awesome knowing that I'm not the only Mama obsessed with Target! It can always put me in a good mood & has pretty affordable stuff for when I do have some extra cash to spend.


  1. I am going to ignore this post. I am going to pretend you didn't post it.

    Then I don't have to sit here feeling sorry for myself as I sit in a Target free country.

  2. You're lucky to have Target so close, I have to cross an international border to get to my closest one.

  3. Hehe.. We have a target like 2 minutes from us and we go just to walk around and kill time.. LOL and most times..like 90% of the time we dont buy anything :) I will have to get pics of next time we go... :)

  4. Next time me and Lennon go to Target, which will most likely be this weekend, I shall document it; we got at least once a week haha!

  5. I wish we had a target nearby. The closest one we had was an hour away from Ft. Polk but at least it was close than the 2.5 hour away the nearest one is where I am now!

    I love Jess's posts. They are so "real" ...and creative and she writes a lot in so few sentences.