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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Five

April 23rd, 2008

Day Five
Post a photo of your favorite memory. Why is this your favorite memory? What made it so special?

My favorite memory is of the day April 23rd, 2008. That was the day I found out I was pregnant.
With Liam. You are never fully prepared for the crazy mix of emotions you feel when you get a
positive pregnancy test for the first time. The bliss, the worry, the, "there is no turning back now."
This positive test was filled with excitement & free of black clouds. This was my first & only
pregnancy test that would ever be a normal one. When I got my positive test with Collin, I was
filled with fear & worry. Afraid to be excited. Terrified to get too attached. So, this is my favorite
memory. This was Liam before death. This was Liam when he was alive & filled with possibility.


  1. This is heartwarming.... Even though that was the first one and filled with not near the concern as with collin's test, I am sure in coming pregnancies now that you made it though Collin's and have a healthy happy 1 year old, it will not be as worry filled:) Or so we can hope!!!! BTW any future baby plans on the horizon? BABY FEVER?

  2. haa!! awesome. I haven't done mine yet, but I was chosing my test photo too. lol. We are SO related.

    I love this post.