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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nose Lovins

Collin & I have an amazing relationship. He loves playing with Mama. We have special activities that are just for me & him, but best of all, we have nose lovins. It's our private little thing; just Mama & Collin. Every morning, when I pull him out of his crib while he's jumping like a maniac, I give him a quick change (unless it's been a poopsplosion kind of night, but that's a whole other blog) & then it's time. He knows it & waits patiently for Mama to come in close & rub noses. He then shrieks with laughter & I pick him up to start the day in the best possible way. With baby laughs.

Even though Collin & I share these amazing moments & even though I don't doubt for a millisecond that we will have a strong relationship, I still find myself occasionally a teensy bit jealous of his relationship with Greg.

Maybe it's because when Daddy walks through the door after work, I suddenly become chopped liver & he wants nothing to do with Mama...or even nose lovins for that matter! I mean, who doesn't want nose lovins?! Maybe it's because he's more willing to take on new experiences when Daddy is by his side. Whatever the reason, I sometimes wish Collin would look at me with those adoring eyes.

At least that's the way I used to feel.

Today, Collin had his nine month well baby visit & Greg met us at the pediatrician's office. He hasn't missed a single appointment since Collin was born & he wanted to be there for it. I played with Collin in the waiting room until Greg arrived & I knew I would be cast aside again like last night's meatloaf. When we were called back & told to strip Collin down to just a dry diaper, he refused to hold still. Daddy was there & he wanted to play....now. After we took all of the necessary measurements (25 pounds, 12 ounces & 30.5 inches...I know, future football start, right?!) & we waited in the exam room for the doctor, Collin was All. Over. Daddy. I mean the kid was like a hopped up monkey. At first, I started to feel the familiar, "Why doesn't he want me to play?" & then I realized, Greg doesn't get nose lovins, he doesn't get Superman time (another Mama Collin ritual), he doesn't get the patient, sweet Collin during story time. Those are the moments Collin gives to me & me alone, just like he gives Greg the squeals & jungle gym legs. Daddy moments can be reserved for Daddy. I mean, we all could use our own, private moments with Collin, right?

In all honesty, I've always truly loved that Collin admires his Daddy so much. It makes me happy that they have such an awesome relationship already. I was never bothered by their interactions in the least. It just took this moment to make me realize that it didn't mean he loved Daddy more or that Daddy was the better parent. It just meant that he has a different kind of relationship with each of us. He needs a different relationship with each of us. After all, how could I be jealous when I get nose lovins?


  1. Momma's are more gentle and loving in their playtime, wheras Daddy's are more rough and tumble.

    I'm sure sometimes Greg is jealous in ways too. I know Al is sometimes. Like when Emma is crying and only I can calm her down. He sighs ands says "I guess you just got the touch." But I know how you feel... I often feel jealous too. Seeing Connor's eyes light up and he runs to the door laughing "daddy!" Or when he cries because I won't stay home so that he and daddy can go on a car ride together. =[ But you're right, we have our own special things that Daddy doesn't.... like hiding under the covers and other silly little games.

  2. I love this. I think we've all been here. We all come to that place in mind. I would be that way when Matt would bottlefeed Eli when we were trying to get him accustomed to one just in case of emergencies. And I hated it. I'll admit it. I wanted to be the only one that feeds him. I still am. Even solids.

    But I also have to admit I am so very relieved when Matt comes home and Eli wants him so bad and drops me like a hot potato. It's such a relief these days. I too have learned to enjoy the special moments I have with my son but to also appreciate the special relationship he has with his dad. Because we moms need a break more than we realize. Even a break from being the center of someone's world.

  3. I love this! It couldn't be more true. Each parent gets to have the special, amazing, unique relationship with the baby...and that's, well, a gift! Love reading your blog :) and I'm glad Collin is a healthy, happy, future football star!

  4. I posted your button but I think the measurements are off in the code because it's squished on my page at 125x125. What is the measurement for it and I'll adjust it!

  5. @Julia - Thank you! You are awesome! You are my official FIRST button poster! Ha ha!

    The demensions are supposed to be 202x102.