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Monday, August 9, 2010

Packing for Baby...& Mama

Collin & I will be leaving extremely early in the morning for a flight to Michigan followed by a long drive to my hometown. My Dad bought us a plane ticket & we will be spending three glorious weeks with my family out there. We will also be there on the anniversary of Liam's second birthday, which means Mama & Collin will get to celebrate together at his grave! The only possible thing that could make this trip better is if my husband were able to come with me.

As exciting as this all is, I am the Procrastination Queen & saved all of my packing for tonight. Big mistake. This used to be something that was no big deal before Collin. Now, it's just plain overwhelming. There is so much to think about & remember when packing for your baby. Bottles, diapers, wipes, toys, bibs, clothes, jammies, baby powder, diaper cream in case he gets a rash, socks, shoes, baby lotion, bath wash...& oh, yeah! There's also myself to pack for as well!

My packing ritual used to be neat & tidy. Everything packed nicely the evening before. Tonight is a totally different story, everything is piled up on m bed in one giant mess & I am waiting for more laundry (told you, Procrastination Queen) to finish so I can stuff even more things into my suitcases!

I'm beginning to realize that being the Procrastination Queen does not mix well with being Super Mom. Hello 10:00PM; goodbye full night's sleep. Lesson learned!

Note: While I'm gone, I will have access to a computer & will be trying to blog. However, in case I forget about my blog in the midst of all the crazy fun I'm going to be having, I have lined up a guest blogger...possibly even two...for your reading pleasure! Keep your eyes peeled!

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