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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating Holly on Mother's Day

Hey everyone!!! It's Jacob (The Manski), and I just wanted to drop in a little surprise post for Holly. (I know . . . it has been FOREVER since I have been around these here parts. But I am going to see if I will be allowed to pop in again. ;-)) A copule of weeks ago, Holly did a post on Celebrating Our Guys, and I wanted to do the same for her on this very special day. For those that didn't get the memo, today is Mother's Day. It is a wonderful day in which we get the chance to celebrate the women that brought us into this world and showed (and still show) us how to love and reared our pain in the butt selves.

Holly is the most loving, caring, wonderful, imaginative, intelligent, witty, creative, *gasping for air!*, and the most incredibly beautiful person that I know. And to top it all off?, she is an amazingawesome mother. At times it is almost like she is the child whisperer. The first time she met Madison (my oldest), they were instantly friends. My girls are always asking about her and are anxious for the next time that they get to see her.

This woman!!! She is so beautiful, inside and out. One of the ways that the two of us connect so well is through music. I play (sometimes lately) the piano, saxophones and the flute, and she played the violin. Our love for music is on the same level. There will be times when my phone does it's special ring from Spotify, I open up the phone and take a look to see that Holly has sent me another song. Whether it is a song that reminds her of us, or a song that she knows I would love, or just a really good song, there it is in my inbox. Anything ranging from blues, to country, to rock, jazz, or some stuff that probably doesn't even have a title yet, she is sending it to me. And I absolutely love it!

Holly's love is so deep and never-ending. I could go on for forever on all the ways that I love her. But the bottom line is, is that she is such an amazing, loving mother to her son Collin, and my three crazy children.

I love you beyond measure. I know that today is not always the easiest, but I am always, and will always be here for you. You are such an extraordinary woman and mother, and I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

~ Jacob (you Manski forever)


  1. Wow, this had me in tears! Holly, you are so blessed!! <3 Happy Mother's Day!! <3

  2. That was SO incredibly sweet to do this for her! Pretty positive that it has made her day even MORE special! Happy Mother's Day Holly! You are amazing!!! xoxo

  3. What a sweet post. I'm tearing up over here! I'm such a sap ;o)