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Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Gift Guide for Your Guy, In Honor of Manski's Birthday

Today is my Manski's birthday!!! He is still stuck in Cali until Sunday for work, but he is coming for a visit & will be here Sunday & Monday night, so we have celebrations plan & Collin is going to be so stoked that there will be cake.

Anyway, whenever a guy birthday or Father's Day comes along, I always have the hardest time thinking of fun, unique gifts. I know I can't be the only one who gets stumped, so Manski & I put our brains together & came up with a sweet, small little gift guide. We both think that many guys can relate to this guide & would love anything on our list. PS: No one is paying us for this, we just searched our little hearts out on Etsy & Google for fun!

1// Wild Man Beard Conditioner from WildRoseHerbs. This also works great on mustaches, stubble, goatees or any other type of facial hair. You'd be surprised how dry your man's skin gets underneath that facial hair. J has a pretty epic beard going on right now & this is becoming a necessity.  2// Sirius Satellite Radio. Personally, I am a huge Howard Stern fan. And whether you like it or not, chances are? Your man probably is into his immature humor also. And that's just one perk to satellite radio! The stations are limitless from talk/sports to metal to country to indie. It's always got new music & bands playing, too. I love Sirius.  3// Railroad Spike Knife from rekamepip. J is in love with this knife after stumbling upon this Etsy shop. He keeps a knife on his belt for stuff at work & I have to admit...this is pretty rad.  4// Amor Eterno print from IllustratedInk. J is into all things Dia de los Muertos & actually has plans for another (tattoo) sleeve themed with the amazingly colorful & vibrant artwork that is associated with this day. I know he would love this print.  5// Sex Panther Soap from CellarDoorSoapCo. We are serious Will Ferrell fans around these parts. So, when I saw that Sex Panther soap existed?!?!?! Life? Complete. Anyone else? Anyone?  6// Hidden Message Leather Cuff from SilverMadeStudio. This is by far my favorite of the gifts. It's a masculine leather band that any guy could feel good about wearing. Plus, you can add a sweet, personalized message to be stamped on the bottom of the metal plate. I am so keeping this on my future list of ideas.  7// Wood Plugs from PangeaWoodCreations. Pretty self explanatory. J & I both have stretched ears & I love these wooden plugs so hard.  8// Han Solo iPhone Case by KustomCases. Many guys are Star Wars geeks. Me? I'm almost afraid to publicly admit that I've never seen any of the movies. J nearly collapsed in a panic when he learned this. I'm a girl. Is it that weird? Eh, whatevs. Anyway, when he heard about this case he regurgitated some unintelligible words. I'm assuming that means it's rad.

That's our little gift guide. Hope you enjoyed it & that it encourages you to think outside the gift giving box!


  1. Can I say THANK YOU x infinity for this?! I have NO idea what to get my man for Father's Day this year - since he's stepped up in that department for Leni's absentee one - and this guide is helping me immensely with what to look for :)

  2. Just so you know, we don't want cologne or a neck tie. Hahaha