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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I have all of my windows open. The rain is falling noisily outside & I like to hear it. It's a downpour & for this dry, desert town it's a welcome change. For these ears, who rarely get to hear the sound of rain casting torrents of water down an awning or the soft drip of escaped droplets as they drop to the concrete, the sounds are musical masterpieces. Collin is coloring on his table while Mama's music softly carries through the air. All of our errands were done earlier this afternoon, before the rains came & we have no where to be. No where, but here.

When the rain started, I put Collin in some comfy jammas. His Thomas ones, because they are his favorite. And I put on my most favorite lounge pants, the black ones with the lace on top because it makes me feel pretty, even though they are only dressed up sweats. I pulled my over sized gray sweater over my head, tied my hair into a knot on top of my head & then Collin & I went to our porch & danced in the droplets coming onto our little slice of this world. We squealed with delight each time the nearly frozen rain touched our skin & then promptly wanted more on our skin.

The rain makes me happy & with the combination of the fancy sweats & silly mood the rain put me in, I declared to Collin, "I need lipstick!" "YEAH," was his excited response.

I smothered on deep red lipstick & put some chapstick on him & then? Then, we danced. We danced & we laughed while the rain fell loudly all around our little apartment. Banging against our windows. Falling in torrents down our balcony. Making loud nosies. Drenching the thirsty desert floor. All while we danced like fools.

We, essentially, "got our sillies out."

Now, we are calm & just serenely enjoying the weather. We don't get these days in Las Vegas often, so they need to be savored & so we savor.

This moment, this day...is perfect.

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  1. I feel sometimes so guilty for hating the rain right now. When I was in NC for the year last year we had a drought for the entire summer and most of the spring actually. I heard of people with torrential downpours hating on it and thought OH if only we could get a little rain!!! Then when I got back to Louisiana it has rained and rained. So bad that so many towns in the state had flash flooding and our ground is saturated etc. But I can imagine how wonderful rain is for someone who lives pretty much in a desert (?) It's like snow for people in the south but probably way better.