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Monday, March 19, 2012


Collin loves when Aiden is here during the weekends.....or rather, the beginning of the week. Aiden & J come to Vegasland every Sunday & leave on Tuesday because J works graveyard & those are his whacked out days off. 

I love these two together. It gives them someone to play with & hang out with. They are just complete boys together. Hanging out, an occasional push or toy jack, but they seriously just love each other.

The other day, Aiden hit his head under the dining room table & Collin ran over to him & said, "Ay-en HURT!!!" and legit kissed his head to make it better. And then my heart exploded.

It's cool that Collin & Aiden have a BFF in each other...though I don't know how long that will last before they start fighting over girls & the car & shiz. Oy!

PS: J took these pictures. Holler at my MANSKI!!!

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