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Monday, February 27, 2012

Red Robin

J is in town & we had a mountain of laundry to do tonight, so we decided to eat at Red Robin. The logic was that we wouldn't have a mess to clean up. But we were so wrong about that. Also? Collin is a teenager now & hangs out in arcades. NBD. But it trips me out.

Collin & Aiden were all twinsies, too. But that was a total mistake. We don't dress them in matching outfits. That would be so weird.

We got beer. We got burgers. I ate french fries. And plus? We ordered dessert for the four of us to share. It was pretty much glorious. And J & I are being all old people now & complaining about how our bellies are full & bloated.

He & Aiden leave tomorrow. That sucks.

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