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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hang in There

I know I have been so flaky with my blogging lately. Truth is, my life has changed so much & the girl who started this blog is a completely different person with a completely different life. Blogging has been awkward. I sort of tried to force feed my new life...& new partner...down everyone's throat right away before giving you all the chance to learn who he was.

I'm not a perfect person & navigating through divorce & then an unexpected new relationship (with new children) is hard. I have stumbled & made mistakes. I have tried to force myself to be open with my blog. And then I realized I was just trying too hard. So, I took a step back.

My blog has been such an incredible tool for me. To share my life. Help other families who have lost babies. Keep a pseudo baby book for Collin & diary for myself. It's been therapeutic, even. And I'm ready to come back.

I thought about shutting down Holly Days & starting over fresh. But then I realized that you have all been with me here. Every step of the way. Strangers giving me encouraging words & offering to help me in any way possible. Strangers? No, friends. My blogging friends are some of my best friends in the world. I can't even believe I'm saying something like that. But, it's true. Blogging has introduced me to so many people that I never would have met before. It's rad.

What I'm trying to say in this all-over-the-place post, is that I'm making my comeback. Bear with me. I still have some reorganizing to do, but expect me...the real me....the happy me...back here. SOOOOONNNNNN!!!!


  1. Yeah, the timing on my side was rotten because I cleaned up my FB of everyone who never posted or commented. It wasn't nothing personal it was just that my FB I keep a tight ship on it being only very active people. And I removed a lot of people. But I always kept your blog on my google reader. THEN it was like a day or so later you made a post about your divorce and having a new man in your life and about putting yourself out there to be judged and I thought "OMG, I wonder if she noticed someone removed her from FB and thought maybe it was judgement!" I had no idea. I've worried about that for some time and kept meaning to somehow send you a private message to let you know that. You probably didn't even notice but the point is I've divorced myself. And I fell in love during my marital separation. And once the divorce was concluded (NC makes you wait a year) I got engaged and then married my now husband. It seemed fast. Because I met my now husband through my ex it looked scandalous. I had to tell myself not to care because it didn't really matter. But it was a rough few months after the divorce when my now husband and I "came out" with our relationship with an engagement announcement. It was a lot for people to swallow I think. Not all relationships end and new ones begin in the "normal" way with the normal allotted period of time between them ...sometimes people find that 2nd chance quickly and jump on it and BAM - instant-new-life ...and you shouldn't have to feel like you have to go about it in any way but what is natural for you. Those who can deal with it know where they can go ... ;)

    1. That is "those who CAN'T deal with it know where they can go..." ....TYPOS dang it!

    2. Hahaha! It wasn't anything to do with you. I didn't even notice really. I was so wrapped up in things over here. It was more for my family. I've missed you! Thanks for the tidbit about your past! I feel much better!

  2. All I can say is yay! I love you and the "new" you. So please blog about what ever you want because I come here to read whats going on with you and who ever is in your life. and I miss you. ;)

    1. I miss you back, soul sistah! It feels good.

  3. I was basically going to say the same thing that Audrey said, and since she said it so much better than I could, I'm going to go with a resounding, "DITTO!"