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Monday, January 9, 2012


I am a TV junkie. I know this. I can admit this. Reality TV is my guiltiest of guilty pleasures (Beverly Hills Housewives...HOLLER). When we moved into the apartment, I was told DirectTV couldn't grab a signal from my balcony. Freaking SERIOUSLY?!?! NO TV! Only Netflix?!?! I mean...don't get me wrong...first world problems, I know...but TV is like a long lost friend for me. And being alone at night, it gives me...albeit a false one...sense of security.

Well, Manksi was in town this weekend & he had had about enough with me being dicked around by these lazy mofos. He made a couple calls & I came home to THIS brnad new lover on my balcony.

Already set my Beverly Hills beezys for record.


  1. awwwww, you ruined your balcony!! =p

    I understand the want for a TV. But I am enjoying the freeeeeedom of no TV. Saves us money. I don't miss it. And I still find ways to waste away my free time doing unproductive things.

  2. I don't have cable at all so I resort to watching episodes online but no net either hotspur off my phone once in awhile!!! And the only thing I have the pleasure of watching on weekends is hockey football and old sit coms westerns or storage wars at the mans place