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Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Hunting

Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without a pumpkin patch. And it just so happens that here in VegasLand, we have one of the coolest pumpkin patches ever! Gilcrease Orchards opens their farm up to the city and sells their harvest for the Fall. They have apples, squash, zuchinni and of course, pumpkins. They even sell freshly made apple cider....and crack apple cider donuts.

Collin had a blast, but he does pretty much anywhere we go where I allow him to just run free and be a kid.

Since Collin is way too little to be wielding any knives, I thought it best to let him paint his pumpkin this year...and he had no problems with that. But he did require a cupcake beforehand. You know. For energy.


  1. Cuteness overload! Collin and I are quite alike in our need for cupcake fuel; I couldn't get through the day without them!

  2. seriously?? you have REAL farms there?? How do they not bake/burn in the summer? I'm stumped. lol.

    That's awesome though. And you don't have to FREEZE like we do, to go to a p patch.

    Connor didn't carve either, he got "pumpkin head" pieces to stick on. =]

  3. @L - HAAA!! Ditto! Cupcakes are life! ;)

    @Debbie - We have A farm....& it is rather dry. The produce doesn't get very large & I'm sure it requires a TON of water, but at least we have a little farm! Ha! I was thinking of doing the pumpkin pieces, but decided I'd rather let him get all dirty since we hadn't done that in awhile. :D