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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

iPhone Photos: Week 14

01: Smooches for you <3.  02: Collin having some breakfast...with Sassy.  03: Collin taking his cousin, Luke, for a ride in his new wheels.  04: Helping Granddad with the recliner.  05: Collin's new ride.  06: SAME license plate as Granddad's Harley!

01: The first ever batch of iced tea that I've made.....that has actually been good!  02: My favorite Easter candy.  03: Mama.  04: Corona.  05: Who wants a mustache ride?  06: Keeping taco night crazy.  07: My jacua. That I'm totally awesome at.  08: Jarritos guts.

01: Mom fail.  02: New Orleans episode of Jack's Big Music Show. I was not a fan of this episode.  03: Broken violin.  04: First attempt at cooking ribs.  05: Collin being all cute on the front porch.

01: Posies are such happy flowers.  02: Collin seat jacked me.  03: Pot roast fixin's.  04: Mama cuddles.

01: Sassy, my cockerspaniel. She doesn't get enough blog love.  02: Collin pushing his worm around.

01: A house full of lovies.  02: Coloring together.  03: A Skinny Girl margarita, thanks to Bethenny.  04: I fell for it.

01: Sitting in mah, chair eating my cheesies. Because I'm being healthy today.  02: Our first dog door incident.

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