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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taco Night via Jarritos

I'm not exactly sure why the fine folks over at Jarritos chose my blog to send loads of free pop to...maybe it's because my husband is Bolivian (Latino), maybe because we are obvious fatties or maybe it's because I'm super rad...but I'm so glad they did. I've always been curious about this pop, but I've been too afraid to try it because it is technically a foreign pop & I technically like to stay inside my comfort zone. I mean....what the heck kind of a flavor is Jamaica, anyway? Thanks to the Jarritos crew, I got my very own case..which each & every flavor to try for myself.

What does a gal do with a case of Mexican pop to drink? I don't know about you, but this gal whips up a big ol' batch of jacua (Bolivian salsa...I'm kind of awesome at it), fries up some taco shells, cooks up some taco meat & invites over her sister & new brother in law. I also decided mariachi music & mustache fingers were necessary. I don't half ass this stuff, people. And while I started off the night with a Corona, it ended with a sweeter tasting mango Jarritos.

We used shot glasses so everyone could taste each flavor. They have eleven flavors: mandarin, fruit punch, lime, Jamaica, mango, strawberry, Mexican Cola, pineapple, tamarind, guava & toronja (grapefruit).

After some research, we found out that Jamaica is actually a hibiscus flavor...as in the flower. And we also found out through extensive in the field research...& by in the field, I mean asking my Latino husband...that it is one of the more popular flavors amongst the Latino community. It was not a popular flavor amongst the Holly Days community. 

My sister's favorites were: mango, guava, lime & strawberry. Then she got the genius idea to mix the lime & strawberry together. Epic yum. 

Greg liked the pineapple & Jamaica.

Personally, my favorite was the mango. I also liked guava. All of the flavors were surprisingly light. They weren't nearly as sweet as the American pop I drink & it seemed they were a little less bubbly...which I enjoyed.

My overall opinion: we loved the pop. I would definitely recommend Jarritos...obviously because I'm blogging about it...& even plan to pick up a few more mango flavored ones for myself.

{NOTE:} Jaritos did not pay me for this post, but I did get a case of free product (one pop in each flavor).

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