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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

iPhone Photos: Week Eleven

01: Collin eating his very first McDonald's Happy Meal. We are so healthy.  02: Our McDonald's has this little play area just for toddlers...which is basically a soft plastic hamburger & fries for them to climb on. It killed about an hour & a half of time. I was booted out of my house on this day because of the total replumbing that was going on in my house.

01: An super exciting email telling me I'm completely enrolled in school!! Hollaaaa!  02: The contents of my cabinets & underbellies of my sink cabinets. Replumbing sucks balls, folks.  03: Waiting for the plumbers so we can get the heck outta dodge. The mess made me so anxious.  04: Playing with Daddy's broken guitar.  05: You have to pay FIVE dollars to use this bulky, ghetto mall stroller. Word to the wise...always remember your stroller.  06: Sweet dreams...pretty sure Dexter was in my dreams this night. Love the plastic.

01:  Playing with Nanny's notebook. Proud Mama.  02: Super hot Steve Maddens on clearance at Dillard's. Winning!

01: Collin & the dogs making a break for it.  02: His first pedi. I'm totally raising a friend of Dorothy!  03: Foot & leg massage? Why, abso-freaking-lutely!!!  04: Some....interesting tequila. I was told I was super immature for taking this pic....then she snapped a pic herself. Hahaha! Seester!  05: Three carts full of alcohol. We know how to party.  06: Sperm shots, anyone?  07: Our spoils.  08: Skinny Girl!!! It was pretty amazeballs, too.  09: The biggest bottle of Patron I have ever seen.

01: As if we didn't have enough alcohol, we went to buy more. "Just in case."  02: Last minute MOH/ Seester speech brainstorming. *cue Imagination Movers "Brainstormin'" song*

01: Collin looking dapper in his sweater vest.  02: Wearing the Steve Madden's!!  03: My flowery, flowy dress.  04: Seester & Maria, my two besties, downing the sperm shots like champs!!

01: Stolen centerpiece cheering up my house.  02: Left over pulled pork & macaroni salad.

One of the longest weeks of my life & I still documented it for you guys!
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  1. Lol @ the Tequila. I haven't tried Skinny Girl, I should keep my eye out for it. Holy cow, y'all DO know how to party! ;D Collin is too adorable rockin' his sweater vest.

  2. I love all your pictures, they are so much fun!! Pedicures and pulled pork! whats better than that haha

  3. oh hi. just me who sucks at commenting lately. holy booze!!

  4. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who immediately had dirty thoughts when I saw that tequila bottle photo (I have the sense of humor and maturity level of a twelve-year-old boy). ;)