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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

iMonday: 8mm

After last week's Guilty Pleasures blog, I received a few comments & emails from some of you guys asking if I would do some sort of review of the apps I've purchased on my iPhone. I don't know if this will be a snooze-fest for some of you or not, but I kind of liked the idea, so I'm gonna do it. If you think this sucks, tell me & I'll stop.

I've decided to go in order of the apps on my phone, so this weeks review is of the app 8mm. 8mm is a video app that puts filters over your video camera to give them an old effect. It is priced at $1.99 (steep, but worth it). Below are some screenshots of the app. You can choose from five different filters: 70's, Sakura, XPro, Siena & 1920. My favorite is 70's & that's the one I used for the video of Collin below.

I really, really love this app. Obviously. I mean...did you see the cute above?? I'm all about aged effects & making my photos look fun & quirky. This app is that for video. Psh! Awesome! It also allows you to toggle from the front facing camera to the back & you can use the flash for extra light. It just stays on the whole time you film. The only downside is that it doesn't save the video directly to your camera roll. They all save into the app & you have to go in & individually save them to your camera roll so you can transfer them onto your computer. I don't mind that too much, though & I'm sure that will be changed in an update soon enough.

Verdict: worth buying!

Also, for those curious, I just threw a few clips I took of Collin in the bath into Windows Live Movie Maker & added a song for background. The song is by Elizabeth Mitchell; it's called Who's My Pretty Baby.

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