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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Joy of Love: Days Six & Seven

Day six prompt: who they love.
Day six camera tip: continue with metering & selective focal points.

Day seven prompt: generations.
Day seven camera tip: none (take a break).

Lucky for me, we took a little break from camera tips so I could finally dig out my camera manual & learn about metering & focal points. Can I just say OMGIAMLEARNINGSOMUCH! Thank you, Willette! Seriously. I nearly gave up with trying to adjust my exposure myself & only just finally figured it out tonight! I was ecstatic & felt so accomplished after I learned, though. I'm so glad I am taking this class. It's challenging me to really learn everything about my camera.

When I received these prompts in my email, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Fortunately for me, the concept sort of killed two birds with one stone. Greg's brother & sisters all grew up playing traditional Bolivian instruments. Greg & his brother even had a band that performed all over LA at museums, festivals, malls & public concerts. He still plays, but only private concerts on his charango for Collin & me. Collin loves his Dad's charango. He's a little obsessed. During this shoot, he literally sat still for an entire 45 minutes just playing with it...& gently! There is nothing gentle about Collin...& FORTY FIVE MINUTES of staying in one spot?!?!?! Unheard of. Greg has passed on the love of traditional Bolivian music to his older son, Adam. Adam even self-taught himself how to play the panpipes (another traditional instrument Greg plays...yeah, he pretty much can play any instrument you put in front of him...I love this about him). This is something I hope Greg passes on to Collin as well...& that Collin passes on to his children...throughout our family's generations.

{  Oh, don't mind the green fluff coming out of our couch. I need to sew up the pillow. How embarassing!  }

{  This was the picture I took after I *finally* figured out how to adjust my exposure/metering manually!  }


  1. sounds like your class is helping a ton! when i learned how to move the little meter around on my camera it was like a light bulb clicked. now i shoot in nothing other than manual :)

  2. @Sarah - Thank you!!

    @AmyLee - It is! I'm so thankful I signed up!

  3. LOOooove these! My faves are the b/w. I'm a sucker for those lately. SO glad you found your booklet!

    I'm having SO much fun on manual. Not so much the manual lens though.