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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Banging Bangs

I've been lusting over bangs for awhile now. I've always admired how hip & cute Rebecca Woolfe & Kelle Hampton look rocking their bangs, but never thought I could pull them off. I mean, those gals do it so effortlessly & I'm sure they have money to pay a professional to trim their bangs into perfection. I do not, but that didn't stop me from wishing...& trying bangs on in my Hair Makeover app.

After months of debating, I decided to go balls to the wall & just do it....not only do it, but do it myself. Its hair. It grows back. Worse comes to worse, I'll pin them back.

I started with Google. I needed to visualize the bangs I wanted to rock on my own forehead. I knew I loved Emma Stone's hair, so I Googled her....& in nearly every photo her bangs were side swept. Not what I'm looking for, thanks.

Next stop, YouTube. I found hundreds of videos of preteens giving tutorials on how to get emo bangs. Just as I was beginning to feel defeated, I found the video. I can't even tell you how easy this video made cutting bangs look & it WAS!!! I only did two things differently. First, when you're gathering your hair, he instructs you to do so forming a triangle on the top of your crown. I just created an even line all the way across. Let me tell you, you DO want to go farther back on your head than you think your comfortable with!!! I cannot stress this part enough. I went nearly halfway. This was perfect. Also, after he cuts the bangs, he smooths them out & leaves them. I think this makes them look entirely too blunt & fake. So I went back over my bangs vertically with my scissors to give it more texture & to make it look more natural.

So. Easy. I was in sheer disbelief after I cut my bangs. I was even more shocked after my shower when I blow dried my new bangs & actually liked them! Naturally, this called for gratuitous self-portraits with my iPhone & a massive FB post asking for opinions. Thus far, the verdict has been good.

My next step? Gratuitous self-portrait posting on my blog! You have been warned.

{  BTW, did I mention I did this all with my crafting scissors?!?!  }

Now that I have bangs, I see all the benefits I previously neglected to notice. For instance, insanely large, third eye, forehead pimple?! Not a problem! Bangs cover it all up! Bad tweeze job? (I am it's most recent victim.) Again, no longer an issue now that I have bangs!

Now, everyone run out & cut your own bangs!


  1. As I said on FB, love your bangs. Now if I only had enough guts to do my own!

  2. Awww!! Thanks! Doooo it! Like I said, you can always pin them back if you don't like them!

  3. Those look GREAT! I've tried bangs, like straight ones like that and they just don't look good on me! Chikezie told me they make me look old lol! But oh my goodness they look SO cute on you! And your hair color is gorge darling just gorge!

  4. I can't get over the fact that you cut them yourself--they look great! (The last time I tried cutting my own bangs I wound up looking like my 5th grade school picture. Not good. At all.) :)

  5. they look SO good!

    I kinda want bangs again, but last time I pretended I did it Al flipped out. He doesn't want bangs again. lol. i think it's just that he doesn't want the grow out phase again. haa!

    I went to watch the video and my sound isn't working so I'll have to come back to it.

  6. @Mama Mandolin - Thank you!!! You are too gracious!

  7. You did a great job! I'm not brave enough to try.

  8. Holla! You are rocking the bangs!!

  9. I haven't been commenting but I always check out your journal in Google Reader. I enjoy your blog a lot.

    I too did the bang treatment and in the same style but I have wave and curl to my hair (not as much since having E) and it doesn't lay as straight and pretty as yours but I don't think it looks bad either - just didn't turn out how I wanted it to.