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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joy of Love: Days Four & Five

Day four prompt: what they wear.
Day our camera tip: metering.

Day five prompt: love to hate.
Day five camera tip: selective focal points & metering.

I was crazy busy running errands & other Mama stuff on Friday to be able to sit down & read my daily lesson. Needless to say, I didn't even break out my DSLR. So, I did both challenges today. I am also still digging around for my camera manual, so I didn't get the chance to read up on metering or selective focal points. If we were getting grades this week, I'd be getting a giant F. I DO plan to read up tomorrow while the boys cheer on the TV during the Superbowl.

Does anyone else remember Andy Milonakis singing, "The Supabowl is gaaaayyyy? The Supabowl is gaaaayyyy? Supabowl, Supabowl Supppaaaaabbboooowwwwwlllll is gaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!" Every time I say Superbowl, I sing that in my head....never fails. In case you've never heard it, go here.

Even though I didn't do my homework, I still wanted to do the prompts.

I love putting Collin in jeans. I kinda feel like they fit his personality. I think he is going to grow up to be a laid back, chill kinda kid & jeans are a laid back, chill kinda pants. Besides, he rocks the adorable shizz outta them.

As far as what I love to hate about Collin, I couldn't choose between two things.

First, his energy. The kid never holds still. I mean never. He is always on the go. Always exploring. Running. Dancing. Playing. Eating whatever he finds on the floor. Always moving. I love this because I want him to do all of these things. Exploring & learning. Moving & laughing. Exercising & running. These are all essential to his growth & development...but for a photo-holic Mama, this makes for terrible photos. More often than not, I'm huffing & puffing as I cycle through my photos on the computer.

Second, his relationship with his Daddy. He is so attached to his Dad. It's kinda redonk. I mean, the kid goes into hysterics when Greg walks out the front door. Every. Single. Time. He's never once cried when I've left the house. And he is perfectly content to ignore me the rest of the day once his Daddy has arrived home. That's okay. It's not like I'm the one home with you all day changing your Stanky McStank Stank poo & feeding you & you know...keeping you alive in general. In all seriousness, though...I love that Collin loves his Daddy. It melts my heart to see the admiration in Collin's eyes when Greg walks through the front door. And I don't really mind being pushed to the side because that gives me the most perfect view of my two boys together. Cuddling & laughing & loving.


  1. Aw, those photos of Collin and his Daddy are adorable, even if it does look like Collin's on a mission to dig up some trouble! Too cute. :)

    I blogged the photos I took this week. Finally! I'd love for you to stop by and take a look whenever you get chance. Have a great day, Holly!

  2. Thank you so much! Oh, believe me...he is ALWAYS on a mission to dig up trouble.

    I just stopped over there! Left you a comment! I love your photos!

  3. Those last two pictures are so cute. He sounds like Dustyn always into something. He never slows down.

  4. those monkey pants are SO cute!

    Connor is like that with Al too. I make the excuse that he sees me all day everyday, so I don't get the same reaction.

    Oh, you are so going to wish you didn't say you can't find your manual. haaa!

    http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/d80/users-guide/d80-users-guide.pdf --his is in "plain English"

    http://support.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/14051/~/user's-manual---d80---guide-to-digital-photography - download from Nikon.

    muahhahahhaaaaaaa. now go read. =p