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Saturday, February 5, 2011

iPhone Photos: Week Five

01: Star Wars battling with Ethan! This is one of my favorite things to watch.  02: Just hanging out. watching TV in my chair.  03: Giving Collin his bath. Isn't this how everyone does it? So much easier.  04: Invitation making for my Seester's non-wedding-eloped-reception-barbecue-party-thing.  05: Um, yeah. We learned how to climb this week. Mama is thrilled.  06: Favor idea for sister's wedding I got from here07: Yo Gabba Gabba distraction while Mama practices her photography lighting skills.  08: Amazeballs Beatles cupcakes a FB friend posted.  09: Googling ground beef recipes because I only had ground beef left to make & was fresh out of ideas for cheap & easy things to make.  10: A print I MUST have from Nellie Design11: Cuddlin's & kissin's.  12: The Spectacular Collin! Watch as he rides his dragon with no hands!!  13: I seriously need to reorganize my work space.  14: Letting Collin play with my camera. Yup. I'm pretty much cray-cray.  15: One hand in the Wheat Thins & eyes on the Brobie.  16: Money!!!! Told ya. We are pretty much crazy around here....& no. We are not rich. Just cashed a paycheck is all.  17: A package from my Daddy! I love fun mail days!  18: What was inside our fun package! A UofM sweat suit for Collin! Perfectly sized for next winter! My Dady ruuuuuullleeessss.  19: A hat in our package, too! But this one is for Mama!  20: Hat cuteness. I diiiieee!  21: Mama's special marinade. London broil. Mmmmmm. Thank you, Fresh & Easy!  22: Collin's first sushi roll! It was just a spicy California roll...that wasn't even spicy. He wasn't a fan.  23: Collin's first doodle!!!


  1. These are so great. I love his first doodle. Collin is so cute!

  2. cute pics * like that little ladybug candy jar :)

  3. What fun photos! I love that print {although I gave up Diet Coke several years ago}. I want one that says I love blogs and hot chocolate.

  4. I love these!

    4: GAH!
    8: yes please!!!!
    19 & 20: your child is fuh-reaking CUTE!

  5. Those cupcakes are super awesome!

  6. @sarah - Aww! Thank you! Is it dorky taht I kinda want to frame his little Post-It doodle?

    @b. lee - I can't take credit for it! I linked the tutorial in the post, though! =]

    @Shannon - Thanks! I really need to & should give up Diet Coke. I prefer iced tea. Unsweetened...but I cannot make it myself. I always ruin it!

    @Debbie - 4:I knnnowwww!!!! 8: Ditto 19&20: Pretty much...yeah. ;)

    @L - Right?!?!