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Saturday, February 12, 2011

iPhone Photos: Week Six

01: Wearing Daddy's shoes.  02: My homemade beef stew. It's tha bomb dot com.  03: Tired Mama after a loooonnngggg day. Selfie love.  04: Editing some photos for a friend.  05: Collin & Mama on an adventure...to the bank.  06: Gravy Face McGoo.  07: Bannngggssss.  08: Heart sprinkle!  09: My hot Mama picture.  10: Waiting for his friendlies, Dommy & Bella.  11: Play date!  12: Header work. Ugh.  13: My Sassy.  14: Jungle Junction morning.  15: Playing with his camera. Oh, how my heart swells.  16: Creating Holly Days Facebook page!!!  17: Collin decided to Kamikaze himself out of his crib this morning. He & Daddy got to lower it this afternoon.  18: Hobby Lobby aka Heaven! (sorry Seester!!!)  19: Thanks to Hobby Lobby, I'm now making my very own yarn wreath! Blog to follow!

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  1. I love seeing these!

    I've been unoffically doing this, but haven't ever gotten around to sharing.

  2. Just found your blog & really liked it too your son is so cute.
    Love this Iphone photos week, would love to participate but must get Iphone 4.

  3. Lovely photos & lovely blog sweet lady! I can't wait to come back & learn a little about you :]
    ~Angel www.livinginaperrytale.com