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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vegas Ice

I woke up this morning to an overcast sky. I love grey skies. They are a rarity in VegasLand, so this was a plus in my book.

When Collin & I stepped outside for our daily jog, I was taken aback by the icy air, so I went back in to grab a hat & blanket for Collin; a sweatshirt for myself.

Our little, two mile jog was quickly interrupted as we rounded our first corner. I looked over towards our neighborhood park & saw....gasp....ice?!?!?! This couldn't be?!?! I went to get a closer look & saw that our entire grass area was covered with ice...not only that, but our plants were icicles & our chain link fence was iced over!! So. Cool.

Collin in his amazeballs panda hat. I found it in a Mom & Pop shop when I was visiting Michigan this past Summer. If I make it back this year, I want to take a photo to them. I still haven't snapped, "the one," though.

This is my, "scenery."

Holy iceballs, Batman.

Would you freaking believe this is Las Vegas?!?

We decided to walk all the way to our closest Jack in the Box. Mama wanted to reward herself for walking with a zero calorie, unsweetened, extra, extra ice, no lemon tea. Collin got fries.


  1. Wow! the ice on the fence...now that's cool!

  2. wow. just wow. in Grandma's words, "Unreal".

  3. @No Model Lady - I thought so, too! Thanks!

    @Lacey - Thank you!

    @Debbie - Right?!?!?!?!