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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cowboys & Dog Baths

I finally took down my Christmas decorations today. I love Christmas & hate having to officially end it. Besides, I put my decor up late, so it was only fair I leave it up late....right?

Collin decided he didn't want to help played with his toys instead. I let it slide...he is only one, after all. I guess I could let this one go....but he's definitely going to have to mop the floors tomorrow.

Greg...& Collin also gave our weenie dog, Hercules, a bath. His hair has been falling out in clumps for about a month now. I'm pretty sure he has canine hypothyroidism. He is really, really old & getting pretty bad. Lethargic, unable to keep a normal body temperature & he can barely make it out of the doggie door to pee anymore. Anyway, during his bath, nearly all of his hair was falling out. It was horrible & combined with his pained yelps each time Greg touched his exposed skin we cut the bath short. After speaking with our vet & having a long, long conversation, we have decided it's time to say goodbye & have an appointment on Sunday. Greg wanted one more weekend with him. This way, we can clog his arteries with people food, give him lots of extra treats & pay him the extra attention he deserves before he kicks the bucket.


  1. that horsey is way too cute!

    I took my decor down on the 26th. haa! But, I have a very small living area and it was driving me nuts to not have my normal space.

    sorry about Hercules. =[

  2. @Debbie - So cool, but I didn't realize how big Collin was in comparison to it until it was too late. Could be something we will send to Emma??? Not sure, yet.