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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


...it's not like I have anything better to do, right?

Dishes? Laundry? Dusting?


  {  Good afternoon, Normal Holly.  }

{ "It's gonna be a bright....bright, sunshiney day!"  }

{  I can be such a pinhead sometimes!  }

I'm just the friendly, house ghost!  }

{  Cookie monster!  }

{  Got any brownies?  }

{  Doogie Howser, MD.  }


  1. hehehe!!! HAHAHA!! LOL.....can I convey the LOL effectively enough?

  2. you're a gramie? I can't relate...but I envy the large family you have :) my mom married into a family ...she got 20 grandkids. lol...now that was crazy!!

  3. ok, i'm 3 for 3....yeah, too many comments right? lol....hey, did you redo your blog layout? looks nice! I re-read your son Liam's story. I don't remember those pics from reading the 1st time...and oh, how they tore me up...you are one tough lady to keep going...they need a survivor award and I'd give it to you!

  4. baaahahhaaahahaa! we'd do great together on Skype.

    Your 3rd picture down is how I pretty much spend my entire conversation when I'm chatting to someone. haa!

  5. I love the second one--too funny!

  6. @Jill - LOL! Glad I could make someone else laugh with my dorktastical behavior! Yeah, I'm a, "Grandma," via marriage. I did redo my blog layout! Glad you re-read his story. I added pictures & made a few edits. Thank you!!!

    @Debbie - Haaa!!! I love those stupid effects!@!!

    @L - Hahahahaaaa! Thanks!