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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Son, the Dumpster Diver

We spent this evening at my Mom & Step-Dad's house, prepping for his birthday tomorrow. My Mom had Meaghan & I make...literally hundreds of ham & turkey roll-ups (a yummy recipe I'll share soon). I love taking Collin to their house. It's pretty much 100% baby proofed & Collin can run free once I shut the doors to all the bedrooms & bathrooms.

Collin was contently roaming her halls & playing with his toys while we worked in the kitchen....

...until my Mom thought it would be a fantastical idea to give him a taste of the chocolate frosting she was spreading all over my Step-Dad's cake.

{  Don't worry, that's not a butter knife, it's one of those frosting spatula thingys. Not sharp at all & as you can see, he was supervised very closely.  }

Collin loved the frosting...duh...& whined a little when she took away the treat; even cried when she threw out the container, but didn't put up too much of a fuss....shockingly. I was surprised when he gave up so quickly, but I shrugged it off. I figured the freedom of Nanny's house & all the new toys were distraction enough that he didn't mind.

Little did I know, that was because he was secretly plotting away.

Thirty minutes later, Meaghan & I were rolling deli meats, my Mom was finishing dinner & Collin was a little too quiet for my liking. I knew that meant trouble, so I stopped my culinary activities to search for my son.

It didn't take long. I just needed to peek around the kitchen island to see him.

Horrified, I stared at my son.

There he was, lying on the kitchen floor.

Completely covered in...


My kid totally snatched the frosting container OUT OF THE TRASH!!!! OUT OF THE TRASH, PEOPLE!!!!

As horrifying as this was, it was also hugely amusing, so I did what any other good Mama would have done.

I made a beeline for my camera.

Have you all met my son, Collin? You know, the dumpster diver?

{ Note: The frosting was on top of all of the trash & nothing else had touched it. I would have never let him continue eating it had I believed it dangerous. }


  1. OMG Holly this is so incredibly cute an hallarious.... If you have read my LJ you would know the last few days have been the pits for me and this made me smile for the first time in two whole days.... Collin is a mischevious little guy... I just love it... My daughter has never been a get into things type a girl so when I see this kinda stuff it just makes me smile and think wow I have had it easy... But that's not even a bad getting into somethng... he just knew what he wanted and went for it.... maybe a litte unsanitary but meh it won't kill him right!!! Too Freaking cute

  2. hahahhaaaaa!!

    Maybe he takes after his cousin. My nickname with a few friends is Dumpster Debbie. But I don't eat things from it. Geez, Collin! lol, j/k.

    All for the love of chocolate! Who wouldn't dive in!?

  3. OMG I was laughing so hard TEARS were falling down my face xD

  4. Just tooooooo impossibly cute!! What a cute little guy!! Love your blog, though I don't get around to checking it out very often...
    Take care!
    Val in Ohiooooooo!

  5. Too adorable..what great photos...you can use them on his wedding invitations, lol! Thanks for visiting my Island Buzzy blog, hopefully it will be as nice as yours one day!

  6. Hi Holly, I needed a good belly laugh today - I'm sitting quietly at my computer reading this and rolling over when my husband's curiosity gets the best of him and he meanders in to check out all the fun and merriment. I haven't read a post this darling in a long time, nor have I met a toddler with such capacity for genius! Already he displays an aptitude for sheer determination. He'll go places in life and fulfill his dreams and ambitions. Just wait!

  7. Oh my gosh, cutest dumpster diver ever!

  8. @angelgirl - I swear to you, boys are harder! LOL!

    @Debbie - His cousin & his Mama. I am so not above garbage snatching for some good chocolate!

    @Mommy to Lennon - LOL!! So glad we made you laugh!

    @Valerie - Thanks!! Glad you stop by, even if it's not as often as you'd like!!

    @Connie Lou - Hahaha! Thank you!!

    @Debra - Hahaha! Thank you so much! I certainly hope so!!! Gald we could make you..& your husband laugh!

    @L - Totally!!