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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy 50th, Dan

Today was my Step-Dad, Dan's 50th birthday party. We had so much fun. Too much. I cooked more beef in two hours than most do in a lifetime. I even used a man grill! You know, one of those huge, stainless steel outdoor grills that are reserved only for the men in the family? The kind that having a beer in one hand & a set of tongs in the other is mandatory if you want to cook meat the proper way. Let me tell you, cooking up massive amounts of meat is a lot of work. In fact, I am so exhausted, I'm going to finish this blog with details & end my attempt at stringing together an entire sentence.

Carne asada. The good kind. Ground beef tacos. Yummy fried corn tortillas. Chocolate cake. Ham roll-ups. Baby lovin's. Friend huggin's. Liquor drinkin'. Beer swallowing. Fun. Family. Laughter. Terrible photography lighting. Crappy pictures. Not caring about crappy pictures because there was so much love in the room. Diaper leaks. Piano playing. Puppy lovin'. Candle blowing. Gift opening. Marshmallow roasting. Warm. Loving. Happy.

It was a fantastic night & we celebrated an amazing man.

Happy birthday, Dan!! We love you!

Collin totally looks like he's bullying this kid, Manny, but he's not! He just wanted to play with him! Hahaha! I guess this means I need to socialize my child more?

Dude! You are totally busted right now!

Um, yeah. He & Greg had matching cakes for each of their parties. Serious bromancing going on.

My Step-Dad's baby photo! Am I the only one who finds these surreal?

The kids all decided to roast marshmallows on my Mom's gas fire pit. So what if they were Halloween shaped?

These are the ham roll-ups I was making yesterday.

one package cream cheese (room temperature)
one bunch green onions (ends sliced off)
one package ham or turkey (dried off with paper towels)

Lay out a piece of ham/turkey. Schmear on some cream cheese. Place one green onion on top of the cream cheese. Roll the meat & onion up, kinda like sushi. Cut into bite sized pieces. Viola! Super easy! Super simple! Super yummy!

From left to right: my sister, my Mommy, my Step-Dad & I.

From left to right: my sister, my Mommy, my Step-Dad, me & my hubster. I look like crap because I had been cooking & grilling for two hours before the party began. Love my manly look?


  1. no. Collin doesn't look like he's bullying. Manny just looks shy. I think it's Cortney that's the bully. I mean, look at that mischevious grin behind Collin as he's minding his own business. Shame on you Cortney. =p

    Dan's baby photo makes me sad. 50 years gone in a blink, I'm sure, for his mom!

    Looks like a fun party! =]

  2. Your family sure dose things in style.... Looks like great fun for everyone... I am sure your Stepdad was very appreicative of being free of the grill for the day!!! :)

  3. @Debbie - Right?!?!? Cort looks crazy evil!!!

    The baby picture fuh-REAKED me out!! I kept looking at Collin & thikning, "NEVER grow up, kid!"

    @angelgirl - It was fun & not nearly as, "stylish," as you'd think!! =] Thank you!