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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ladies' Tea

My Aunt Gina hosts a table at her church's annual Ladies' Tea every December. My Mom & I love to attend. It's a great way to start off the Christmas season & to remind us of the real reason for Christmas. Meaghan tagged along this year, too.

I brought my camera, but I'm such a genius I forgot my memory card. The following craptacular pictures were taken with my iPhone, which needs a good cleaning.

My Aunt Gina's table. All of the tables are individually decorated by their hosts.

Meaghan & I just before tea started.

My place setting. We got to take our teacups home.

Mama & I with our napkin holders hair flowers.


That's all I can muster tonight. I am full of warm, gingerbread tea & my conversation skills have been maxxed out for the evening.


  1. how fun!

    I hate when I do things like that! although... now I don't have to worry about *that* particular thing happening since I'm never taking my card out again! ha!

    My church is small, especially for our size city. (Smaller than the Oscoda one too!!) So we don't do fun stuff like this!

  2. Maybe you should start one! This one started out simple enough. Just host it at the church or your home & have one table. It will grow over the years, I'm sure.

    We start out with a couple worship songs & an opening prayer, then the men (husbands & sons)serve us our tea & small, quartered sandwiches (our menu was cucumber with a spicy mayo, cranberry chicken salad, egg salad & spinach artichoke, then dessert (mini cookies & cheesecake). Then there is a guest speaker, but you guys could just do a Bible reading or something & then we close with a couple more Christmas songs.