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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crafty Christmas

Decorating for Christmas is seemingly impossible when you have a curious one year old to think about. Our living room is Collin's, "safe room," so I couldn't have anything out that was remotely breakable, edible or plugged into a socket...which pretty much eliminated all of my decorations. Fun.

We are on a tight budget this year, so buying new, baby safe decor was totally out of the question. Thankfully, I'm a pretty crafty lady...& thankfully Meaghan had a super fun & easy on the wallet project in mind as well.

Since many of you other blogging Mamas are pretty crafty & creative, I thought I'd share our projects with all of you.

All the materials you'll need are some ribbon, old ornaments, & wrapping paper.

I have a few boxes of old ornaments that I knew were perfect for our project. I needed some ribbon, so naturally, I needed to go to Target to pick some up.

Collin tagged along.

This may or may not have been for a dog. I may or may not have cared.

Both of these projects are super easy & simple. The first one is just threading some ribbon through some old ornaments. Easy. Then you can hang them from your ceiling or curtain rods or hallway or....you get the idea. Meaghan hung ours from my hallway & my curtain rods.

Decking the halls....er, windows.

Dude. Seriously. This idea is so fantastical.

Easy? Check. Pretty? Check. Festive? Check. Child proof? Check. Cheap? Double check! I now have festive windows & my living room isn't plain while the rest of my house is all decked the halls & jolly.

The next project is simple. You know those picture frames you have hanging on your walls? I know the photos are gorgeous, but why not try wrapping a few of them up with fun wrapping paper & then hanging them back in their place? It adds Christmas cheer to any room & it's so child proof I could cry.

I got all three prints from the Dollar Spot at Target. Thrifty.

My previously Grinch-y living room is now full of Christmas spirit & all the while, I didn't sacrifice my safe space for Collin. I rule....I know.

Added bonus: The hanging ornaments make for fun self portraits.


  1. um. yes. the hanging ornaments? i LOVE them!! remind me of them next christmas when I have the curious 1 year old and i'm all, "wah wah wah, tiny apartment, no christmas cheer! wah wah wah!"

  2. this is frawesome! (flippin' awesome!) I am SO going to do this, THIS year! Even though I don't need baby proofing yet. I have extra bulbs.... and what better way to use them!! Off to buy ribbon I go!