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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Germs from Hell

{ Collin waiting at the pediatrician's office & Ethan falling asleep during a breathing treatment. }

Right now, my house is full of mucousy, coughing, sniffling, sneezy, feverish, miserable boys. Ethan (Greg's grandson, who is visiting for Christmas break) started feeling sick yesterday & had a temperature. Collin's fever never really went away completely. We had a few false hopes when we got normal readings, but they were dashed away within hours. Ethan's cough got so bad last night, Meaghan had to give him a breathing treatment for his asthma. The kid was so exhausted, he fell asleep during it! And those machines are not quiet

These poor kids.

I took Collin to the doctor. She had no answers for me. It's not an ear infection, not pneumonia, not a rash, no bite marks anywhere. She said possibly the flu, but that she can't be sure since it is day five.

She ordered blood work.

Blood work, people!

On a 13 month old!!!

I am so thankful she is being thorough......but Oh. Em. Gee.

I hated pinning him down for the four vials of blood they drew. It was even worse when he looked at me with those pitiful eyes filled with fear & despair. Seriously. I felt like the worst Mama evaaarrrrrr.

I am now anxiously waiting for the results from the lab so someone can finally tell me WTF is going on with my poor kid.


  1. Oh man, I hope your boys are feeling better soon!

  2. Ugh I hope they are feeling better soon-that is NO fun! I know what you mean about feeling like the worst mama...holding down the boys when they got shots seriously broke my heart!

  3. Oh Holly, you poor girl! I hope the boys get well soon, pray blood work comes back clear and I'm wishing you the very best Christmas ever! And a safe and happy New Year too!

  4. @L - Thanks! o do I!

    @Mama Mandolin - Me too. I HATE being helpless. He doesn't undertsand why he feels bad & that makes it worse!

    @otter-run - Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  5. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Not knowing what's wrong is the worst...

  6. @Kris - Thank you! YES!! This not knowing stinks!!

  7. this so sucks. Poor lil guys!! Could it all come at a worse time!?

    although.... I guess nothing will cheer up a sick little boy like Santa bringing presents. =]

    Bloodwork. How awful. I felt sick to my stomach when Connor had to have one in his head for a week after birth. But at least I didn't have to hold him down.


  8. @Debbie - Worst timing ever. Collin seems to be feeling better today! Thankfully! In his head?!?!?!?! OMG! I would die.