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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blue Christmas

Collin had a pediatrician appointment first thing this morning. I spoke with a nurse last night & after five days of fever & coughing, she told us it was time we come in to have Collin examined.

Only we didn't get any answers.

His ears were checked for infection. Nothing. Chest listened to for pneumonia. Nothing. Body checked for a bite or rash. Nothing.

My poor Boobah (one of my many embarrassing nick names for Collin) was so scared & being poked & prodded at by nurses & doctors was enough for him to have a complete breakdown. Fun.

The ped thought it might be a case of flu, but wasn't convinced since I'm not sick (I decline to get a flu shot every year). She ran a quick swab test & told me Collin also needed blood work. A five day fever had her stumped.


I had to hold Collin down as he fought me & started at me confused & bewildered. Scared & sick. Worst. Mom. Day. Ever.

Once we were loaded back up into my car. I had a mental Mommy breakdown. My African Lizard Flu concern was no longer at ease. I wanted my baby to feel better already. I hate seeing him so sick & hate that he doesn't understand why he is feeling badly.

The blood results came back around 2PM. Negative for flu, blood work was normal...aside from a low white blood cell count. Which is because he is fighting off some kind of viral infection. Doc said she thought it could possibly be the tail end of a flu & that is why it's not showing up positive on the swab test.

She told me if we had any travel plans for the holidays, that we should cancel them because we aren't 100% sure what he has & because he needs to be closely monitored over the next 24-48 hours.


We were already packed up for LA.

After discussing it with Greg, we decided that he would still go down to LA to be with his side of the family on Christmas Eve....& so he could take Meaghan & Ethan to see a doctor since Ethan lives there with his Dad. Collin & I would stay here. Suckage.

I was worried Ethan would wake up & open his elf gifts before I got back from the ped's office, but he was still sleeping when we returned home. Poor guy was up all night coughing & with chills.

Collin spent most of the day sleeping & Ethan spent it in our recliner watching Netflix cartoons on our Wii.

{ Sickie Ethan with his elf gift. }

{ Open, open, open! }

{ "Holly!!!! The elves got me what I wanted!!!" }

{ Collin is more & more intrigued with these gifts as the days pass by. }

{ "Mama! The elves brought me a weapon of mass destruction!" }

{ Okay...maybe it was a book! }

{ Collin loves books! Just like his Mama! }

{ Bokeh obsession. }

{ Blood work boo-boo. Sad face. }

{ Eating some dinner. Very politely. }

{ Keeping up manners...even when he's sick. Atta boy! }

{ What a proper man! }

{ Told ya! Obsession. }

{ Chocolate?!?! Not moi?!?!?! }

Greg, Meaghan & Ethan left around 7PM. Collin went to be shortly after.

I miss my husband.

I miss the house being full of people & life. That is what Christmas is about.

Life happens & Greg will be back Christmas Day, but I'm still sad & lonely.

It is way too quiet around here.

...& I'm alone with all of the chocolate.


  1. Holly I am so sorry, collin is sick and your spending Christmas Eve all alone, this sucks, hopefully he'll feel better soon.

  2. poor little guy. I hope he feels better sooooon!

    See... I thought it was the flu because Ethan got sick too after coming.... weird.

  3. @angelgirl2005 - Thank you. It does suck, but we are dealing. We will make teh best of it. What else can we do? =]

    @Debbie - Same with Emma. Her cough needs to vacate the premesis. Yeah...I dunno. I HATE not having answers.