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Friday, December 24, 2010

Blue Christmas, Part Deux

It was weird waking up this morning to an empty house. It's Christmas Eve. It's supposed to be filled with anticipation & excitement. Family & friends. 

Collin slept most of the day. Waking to eat & play for a little while, but his strength isn't back to 100%, so he tired quickly.

My Mom called & invited us over to her house for a bit. She knew I'd be lonely. So, we loaded up & went over there for a bit. It was nice to be with family.

My Mom is the Queen of Christmas. For realsies. How do you think I got my name? Hello!! Anyway, my point is that her house is always decked the frick out for Christmas. Can anyone say bokeh party??

I was doing laundry today. Yup. Laundry. On Christmas Eve. While putting away Collin's clothes, I happened upon an old Christmas sweater of mine. I had completely forgotten that I saved it for this Christmas. My Aunt Barb, who made Collin's Spartans shirt, made it for me when I was a little girl. I took it to my Mom's house so we could get some photos of him wearing it by her ginormous tree.

In the middle of our photo sesh, Collin decided to grow the biggest snot bubble you have ever seen!!! Seriously. It was epic. I'm thinking of contacting Guinness. The best part? It stayed on his nose until we were able to track down a tissue to wipe it away with....after we had a good, long laugh. Mom fail, FTW.

Then, we played Star Wars with the remnants of my Mom's wrapping paper rolls.

{ "Luke, I am your fathaaaaaa!!!" }

Collin was a bit more active today than he has been in the past week. I'm hopeful he will be feeling better in time for my family's Christmas. We will be celebrating on Sunday, the 26th since my sister is working tonight & I was supposed to be in LA.

I'm hoping the rest of you are snuggling with your families, watching a Christmas movie or two & going to bed with visions of sugarplums!


  1. You look so much like your mom!

  2. @Amber - I get that a lot!! LOL! Thanks!

  3. What a wonderful Christmas Eve! Everyone does Laundry on Christmas eve don't they? I was sure of it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your mom's Center Piece!

  4. That sweater is so awesome! What a keepsake! And that snot bubble is pretty priceless too:)

  5. I love that cute lil Christmas sweater!
    And the leftover wrapping tubes are great to play with!

  6. haaaa, the snot bubbble.

    funny about the laundry. We were driving on Christmas Eve and passed a laundry mat that was open. Al says "who does laundry on Christmas Eve??" I say.. "um... people who need clean clothes on Christmas, duh!" lol.

    that bokeh start is awesome.

    and so is my mom. ha! I love that sweater!

  7. Bokeh party, indeed! What great photos! And that sweater? So sweet. I love that you took a photo of Collin's snot bubble BEFORE wiping it off. That's not a mom fail that's a total mom win! :)

  8. @kyooty - Thank you! I've usually amde it a point to do NO chores on Christmas Eve, but I was alone & sad. What better distraction than laundry!? LOL!

    @No Model Lady - Thank you! I thought so, too! I was so happy my Mom saved it all these years. And the snot bubble....I'm pretty proud. Haaaaahaaaa!!

    @thescenefromme - Thank you!! Yes, they totally are. I even remember playing with them!

    @Debbie - Yeah, I'm pretty proud of him for it. Uuuhhhh, poor, lonely Holly does laundry on Christmas Eve. I LOVED the star! And your Mom iis the awesomest.

    @Kristi - Haaahaaa! Thanks! I HAD to! I mean, REALLY?!?!?!?! Insane.

  9. GREATTT PICTURESSS!!!!! New Follower! Loving lovin lovin the blog!