Holly Days: Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Twelve

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Twelve

Warm, freshly baked, chocolate chip cookies.

Day Twelve
Post a photo of something you love. Why do you love this? What specifics can you give me about why you live this item/person?

I love baking. The warm, sweet scent that fills the air when something is in my oven. The inviting feeling it gives people when they walk into your home. Conversations are sparked that are filled with memories of Grandmothers & comfort.

There is something simply amazing about taking the first bite of a still warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookie. It can make a horrible day into a great one. It can make a skinned knee miraculously better. It can turn a bad mood into a happy one.

Go ahead, just try to tell me you don't love freshly baked, homemade, chocolate chips cookies. Yeah, didn't think you could.


  1. thanks a lot Holly. Now I have to go make me some cookies.

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