Holly Days: Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Eleven

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Eleven

Dust on top of my dresser.

Day Eleven
Post a photo of something you hate. Why do you hate this? What is it about this person/item that you despise?

Dust. I hate it. In this desert they call Las Vegas, it is everywhere. I dust nearly every. Single. Day. Yet I still get this thin coating of dust. Every. Where! What I wouldn't give for one solid week of not looking at dust. What relief it would be! It's all over the place, too. The dresser, the desk, the TV, the bathroom counters, the printer, the end tables. Literally all over the place.

In all seriousness, this is something I should just get over & deal with. It's part of living in the desert. It's really not that terrible. But it bothers me. It just does.

Dust. Humph.


  1. hahaha! that's funny. I don't like dust very much either, but I tend to ignore it more than I should. Here we get pollen in addition to normal dust. everything is covered in a fine yellow "dust". ick.