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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Nine

My Mom & I Halloween circa 1987.

Day Nine
Post a photo of the person who has gotten you through the most. What did this person do for you during your troubled time? What made you turn to them out of everyone else in your life?

My Mom has always been there for me. No matter the situation. No matter whether I felt she was
wrong or right or she felt I was wrong or right. She's been there. She was there when I had my first heartbreak. She was there when I fell in love with a man twice my age. She was there when I got married. My first steps. My first skinned knee. All of it. 

She was there. Right next to me. Fighting for any chance Liam had when the doctors were telling her they wouldn't call a NICU team. She fought for me & when they ignored her, she called an ambulance to transport me to a hospital that would fight with her. She held my hand as I watched Liam die. She took pictures for me because she knew that I would need them later. She left me to grieve that night alone with my husband. She knew everything I needed. At first, I didn't realize how she knew exactly what to do....until I remembered my brother. She had been through the loss of a baby herself. Cradled her dead son in her arms & wept, too.

The next morning, my Mom was busting down my door, forcing me out of bed, into the shower & into clean clothes. She placed fresh, white roses on my table & talked with me about her loss & what helped her get through it. She told me, "People will tell you that there must have been something wrong with him & that's why he had to go, but Holly nothing was wrong with him. He was perfect & amazing in every single way & it just plain isn't fair." I'm not sure if I even let her know how much that first day meant to me.

She took Greg & I to the funeral home & made nearly every arrangement for us as we sat there dazed & silent. She made Liam a birthday cake. "Every baby needs a birthday cake." she told us. For my birthday, one short month later, she got me a ring with Liam's birthstone.

If it weren't for her, I fear I would have been much worse off. It was her who got me through my loss & it's been her who has gotten me through so much more in life. 

Momma. <3


  1. I'm so glad you had someone that *knew* what you needed... yet not glad that she had to go thru the same thing.

  2. ~Tears~ I am thankful you have a mother to be there for you. That is very special. <3

  3. made me cry. your momma is, indeed, amazing. <3

  4. *tears*
    Your momma sounds amazing Holly <3