Holly Days: Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day One

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day One

Holly's Fifteen Facts

1. The only affect caffeine has on me is when I don't have it. I get crazy withdrawal
headaches when I don't drink it, but I don't get any of the benefits many others do when
I do have my caffeine.

2. I obsessively buy scrapbooking supplies & Sharpie markers. It's a problem.

3. I am deathly afraid of bugs. All bugs.

4. My favorite cookie is an oatmeal scotchie.

5. I have the biggest crush on Adam Richman from Man v. Food. Seriously. I'd leave my
husband for this man who eats massive amounts of artery clogging bar food.

6. I fart a lot.

7. My least favorite chore is dishes.

8. I'm obsessed with iced tea, but I have requirements when I order it. It must be brewed,
unsweet & have looooottttsssss of ice in the cup. No lemon. I never make my own.

9. I grew an entire shoe size during my pregnancy with Collin.

10. I enjoy the smells off odd things. Gasoline, sunblock, tar & paint, to name a few.

11. My favorite music group is Dave Matthews Band.

12. I'm overly emotional with TV shows. I know I'm being ridiculous when I'm bawling over
Catelynn & Tyler watching Carly take her first steps, but I can't help it.

13. I can't watch horror movies because I can't separate real from fake once the film is over.
For realsies guys, I watched Paranormal Activities for the first time last week & now I can't
be in my room alone.

14. I secretly love trashy reality TV. You should see my DVR.

15. I'm a compulsive Target shopper.


  1. your # 3... spiders for me. No seriously. I screamed tring to put up a plastic ring spider on Halloween. 6 made me giggle. 7: me too! yet it's the one that stresses me most if it piles up. 9- I did with each kid. yikes.

  2. Most of my shoes don't fit anymore since baby. SO sad.

  3. Me and Iced tea are the same way... LOL except I need extra lemon right now.. Baby loves lemon and I hate it usually... Weird...