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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eleven Months

Fair warning, this is another one of my annoying, "monthly Collin update," posts. Boring to many, super exciting to me.

Eleven months?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!?!? What. Happened?!?!? This month is going to be particularly hard on me. This the last month Collin will be a baby. After this month, he will be one. ONE! Now that he's walking running & getting into EVERYTHING, it's easy to forget just how quickly the time goes by. I know it's such a cliche, "Mom," thing to say, but I swear to you it was YESTERDAY that the nurse was handing me my newborn baby. The past week has been a huge reality check & Collin has had to deal with me covering him in kisses & tickles. I want to relish this age while I can.

The major milestones this month are few. He started walking last month, so we've been trying to keep up ever since. He had his first, "grown up," meal at the dinner table with us. Chicken & some tomatoes. He's never been a finicky eater, so he loved every second of it! He has also started to take a little interest in talking. He's been babbling a lot more & will repeat, "Dada," &, "Mama," though I don't think he knows what he's saying yet. My most favorite milestone this month though, has been dancing. Yeah....he's a dancer. Save the jokes, I don't care. I love watching him squat around & dance along with his toys or the music on TV. It's completely adorable.

We have so many nick names for Collin. It's out of control, but I don't want to forget them later, so I'm going to share them. Deal with it. Monkey, Boo Bear, Goo, Goo Monster, Goo Bear, Monks, Munch, Munchkin, & Mista Magoo.

It's hard to believe in a month, I'll be writing his one year update. I'm officially starting to feel like a Mommy. Strange that it's taken almost a year, but I finally feel like I can, "hang," with the Mom Club.

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