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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Step-Brothers, Man

You guys, being a step-parent is hard. Hard stuff. I was never in some fairy tale world where I thought it was going to be easy; I knew what I was getting into & I would not change a moment of my life. Still, it's hard. I didn't carry Aiden in my belly & ease into having two children. Instead, I was given two boys who are only six months apart in age & instantly had to find my bearings. Collin & Aiden are six months apart in age & have been mostly going through the same milestones (potty training) at the same time. Potty training? Is hard. Potty training two? Super hard. Temper tantrums are hard. Temper tantrums times two? Shoot me. ENDOFTHEUNIVERSEHETOOKMYTOY fights? Blow.

But then? Then, there are moments like this where everything is magical & nothing can go wrong in their world. Collin has a best friend & Aiden has a best friend. Squeals & giggles galore. Splashes & face plants that don't hurt because too much fun is being had. This makes every poop filled underwear change, every, "HE TOOK MY BALL!!!" worth it.  

Step-parenting is hard, but so is parenting. I don't think my struggles as a step-mother are that much different than they were as a regular mother. I know for sure the rewards are the same. Love. 


  1. I am totally with you on this.... Our kids are at different ages and I am not living with my boyfriend but between us we have three kids almost 6, 5 1/2 and 8. two girls and a boy and his son has sever disabilities, he is completely dependent upon us to care for him. But the girls up until this past weekend fought like cats and dogs.... We spent all last winter and spring breaking up fights and screaming matches. My daughter went home to BC for the summer to see our family and her dad and we spent three days this past weekend together and it was blissful no fighting screaming etc. I hope and pray it continues. But I agree parenting is hard and step parenting has a whole new set of challenges. It takes time and adjustments for everyone.... But it's worth it in the end if everyone's happy and healthy and enjoying your lives together.

  2. STORY OF MY LIFE, lady. Preach. Well, minus the step-parenting part but that's not really different from parenting in general! Except mine can't talk yet.

    1. Mandey - I was thinking about you the entire time I was writing this. Hahaha! Twice the toddlerdom.