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Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Bear Day Trip

My sister, whom I lovingly refer to as Seester, & I have both had some major changes going on in our lives the past few months. She had a baby boy; MY FIRST EVER NEPHEW!!! She quit her job as a police officer shortly after because her husband is a US Marine & was stationed in Twentynine Palms, CA. She moved to the Two-Nine about a week before I moved here to Lucerne Valley. The great part about this? SHE LIVES ONLY AN HOUR AWAY! Holler at yo' sis.

She & her husband have been taking time to get to know California with day trips to fun places like Los Angeles to see the Chinese Theater & Roosevelt Hotel...& they came to Big Bear, which is just a ten to fifteen minute drive from where I now live. Naturally, I wanted to show her around Big Bear, so we made a day trip of it.

Guys? I have a serious love affair with Big Bear. If I could live anywhere in the world & Oscoda wasn't an option...because DUH, Oscoda is the best place ever in the world....my second choice would for sure be Big Bear.

It's a small town without being too small. You still get a lot of the amenities of a city, but not overdone. You get the mountains, the glorious lake, tree covered hills & a spunky little, "downtown," with fun shops that welcome pets & you get the best of all four seasons.

Seester & Keith fell in love with Big Bear, too. Keith & J checked out pricing to rent a fishing boat. We may even rent a cabin up there for Christmas!!!

Collin likes Big Bear, too. He can just run free & be a kid. Whenever we go, we usually let him pick any one item he wants from the chocolate shop or candy store. This day, he got super lucky because we hit up both stores & he got to pick something from each. A toy race car filled with little candy race cars from the candy shop & a piece of white chocolate M&M bark from the chocolate shop. Dude was in Heaven.

If you've never been to Big Bear, I definitely recommend going.

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