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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An April Sponsor Thank You

Just wanted to give a huge thanks to my April sponsors, Audrey & Kiranda. I have actually become pretty good buddies with these lovely ladies & it's awesome that we can support each other & our blogs this way.

Audrey (The Daily Wyatt) is an incredibly talented photographer. Also? She is one of the most imaginative, creative & fun Mamas I have ever seen. I first fell into friend love with her during Vloggin Vednesdays. Anyone remember those? Our soul friend status has soared from there. I even got to show her & her husband around Vegasland when they came for vacation. It was awesome!

Kiranda (Mommyhood) is a sweet, bright, happy young little Mama to two gorgeous babies. She is going through so much in her life right now, but coming through in great stride & I am super proud to call her my friend. We are both crazy addicted to texting & Instagram, which makes for a fun friendship with her! We both also share a love for facial hair. Serious business.

I just wanted to dedicate a post to them & give them serious thanks for sponsoring Holly Days. I love supporting other blogging Mamas & I was proud to sport their ads this month! I love you gals!


  1. yes. the blogging community is so freaking awesome. so many ladies i love to call my friends have been met this way! yay for internet friends!

    1. It is! It's nice as a Mama to find support via the blogging community!

  2. Ms Holly, I adore you and your little family. (love following you on instagram and want you to move closer to me so I can see you every day.) Thanks for sponsoring me. and can I say I dream about ALT and how much fun we will have. (WE BETTER GO FOR SURE!! I am not kidding. I might have to hunt you down and kill you if we do not go. k? okay.)LOVE YOU PEACHES! ha. :D

    1. OMG, I fantasize about ALT alllll the time. I soooo hope I can make it happen $$$-wise!

      I'm definitely going to Bloggy Boot Camp in October! It's only one day & $99....way affordable. You should think about it!!!!! You have a place to stay, you know! ;)