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Monday, April 2, 2012

First ER Trip

I was originally going to talk about the fun weekend we had. My Ma had this really huge Easter party at her place & we had all the kids, so they got to go. They swam in her pool (heated), ate cupcakes, hunted for Easter eggs & all that jazz. It was seriously awesome. Then, at the end after we had gathered our gaggle of kids (we had J's three plus Collin), Collin took a nosedive when he was running with a giant sized Lightning McQueen thingy in his hand & bit his tongue in the gnarliest way.

Screaming, blood & adults swooping in to scoop him up ensued. Mama freaked the freak out. My Dad just recently told me how his friend's son was jumping on a couch & LITERALLY BIT PART OF HIS TONGUE OFF. Naturally, that's ALL I kept seeing in my head.

Luckily, my Ma & Seester both have medical backgrounds & as best as they could through the blood, drool & tears, assessed that he didn't need to go to the hospital.

And then J & I had the mother of all tongue-bitten-toddler nights. Forreals. And Collin's tongue looked like this in the morning. Still bloody....& gaping.

I sent that pic out to my Ma, Aunt & Seester for advice & the consensus was that we should see a doctor. Even if only for antibiotics in case of infection. I put in a call to his ped & they literally took forever to get back to me, so I decided to head to the ER. The one by me is fairly new & there is usually no wait. So, like any grown ass woman does, I called me Mommy & asked her to come with me.

The doc scolded me for not bringing him sooner because he would have had stitches! What the...? ON A TONGUE?! But since it was over 12 hours, she didn't know what kind of bacteria was in there & didn't want to close it all up in there, so the decision was to let it be open. We have to give him antibiotics because he was eating dirt not long beforehand & because the mouth carries so much bacteria. Other than that, just lots of cold things, popsicles & pretty much letting him eat what he asks for because it's a friggin miracle to get him to chew on anything.

When we got home, J put on a movie for him & set him up in our little chair. I let him mess around on my phone & in a sad attempt to stay awake, he kept moving into different positions. He ended up on the floor, phone in hand, passed the eff out.

I'm totally babying him right now & even gave him the fancy blanket that only us grown ups can use. I don't even care. If that helps him feel even a tiny bit better, it's worth it. My poor little honey badger. He don't even care.


  1. Aw, poor little dude! He did quite the number on himself! It's a good thing chicks dig scars. :D

  2. aww poor thing. hope he is not in pain

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  3. Oh my goodness, I just saw this come through my Christianity Every Day community feed over on theblogfrog.com. That poor little guy ... you poor Mama! I am not the Grammy, but in the days when my kids were little I always dreaded the head injuries; mostly because of all the blood! I am happy to see he is doing better and that now you have a little more experience to put into your Mama Resume. Thanks for sharing, I will be praying for Collin's healing.

  4. OUCH! That looks so painful! Poor boy!

  5. Aww poor kid. When I was younger I was sitting on my knees on the family futon and making myself fall forward but catching myself right after. You can guess what happened. My hand slipped and my mouth went directly into the wood below the cushion. No stitches or doctor but I do have a tiny scar below my bottom lip where I hit. I can completely sympathize for him. Good thing mom's got that phone to distract him :)