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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ruling at Life

J & I got a cell phone plan together, which meant an upgrade to the iPhone4S. Fuh-reaking HOLLER. I'm so in love with Siri & I'm shocked because I didn't understand what the big deal was about, but when I can just TELL my phone to wake me up at a certain time & IT DOES, that pretty much means it rules.

Right now? Collin is in bed & screaming at me, "I YA YEW!" I'm pretty sure this is his attempt to get me to come in & snuggle him. But I'm smarter than that. I know is evil ploy. It's well past bedtime. I have some serious issues with giving into him.

From bath time earlier tonight.....

I've got the TV on in the background right now. It was on Cartoon Network for Collin from before & now this show called Adventure Time is on. Has anyone else seen it? I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING.

Anyway, I'm finally getting my poop in a group & should now be able to get back to regular posting. SO many changes have happened & Collin & I are finally getting all settled. Life is good right now. Really good.


  1. Gorgeous lady :)

    I want an iphone so badly! but I am stuck with my phone until Dec 2013! :(

    How cute is Collin with his "I YA YEW". Would totally melt me heart haha

    1. Thank you, sweet Mama!

      OMG, I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE my iPhone. When I originally got it, it was when the iPhone3S came out & they were offering it at the upgrade price ONLY if you upgraded to the iPhone. Maybe they will do that this year?

  2. I hate Siri. She doesn't like to work in Canada.

    1. Really? Maybe she just has it out for you? ;)

  3. OMG, Adventure Time is awesome! I saw it one day and was like, this is sooooooo not a kids' show and I love it.