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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oh, the Choot & Teen Mom

I feel like I'm always posting photos of bath time. But I swear it's the only time Collin is ever still long enough to get a good photo. And when Aiden is over, it's double hard.

These two are the freaking chootest together though. Collin loves his Ay-een. And Aiden picks up so much from Collin...like Mama. All of the time, Mama. It's kind of cray. We also heard Aiden copying Collin saying, "milk." How is it that adults can freak the freak out over the word milk?! You would have thought J & I won the lottery when we heard it.

Anyone watch Teen Mom? I hate it. But I cannot stop watching. It all seems so tragic. Especially seeing Janelle. The self-absorption & lack of ambition. Everything I do is for Collin. Literally everything. And the ones that use the babies as leverage against the other parent? It's terrible. I just cannot wrap my head around a mother who has such blatant disregard. My heart breaks for these babies. Maybe I should stop watching. Ugh.


  1. omg. seriously. i cant stand watching her part... but i cannot for the life of me turn it off.

    what i want to do is call adult and family services in her state and say really? helllloooooo its on national tv folks.

    awful. that sweet sweet little baby has to be subjected to such hostility every single day.

    it hurts my heart. {especially because i was... way back when... a teen mom and my life was never like that}

    i cant not watch it ;)

  2. OMG--the cuteness! It hurts!

    (And I second you on Teen Mom 2--it's a train wreck of epic proportions. Which is probably why I still watch it.)