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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm Giving Away Girl Scout Cookies

Oh snaps, people! It's Girl Scout cookie season & this year, I have my very own, AWESOME Girl Scout to support. Jacob's daughter, MJ, is selling cookies this year. That's right, Mama's got the hook up! And I'm opening my blog for orders for her. Even better? I'll ship anywhere...for FREE!!! Freaking FREE!!!! You order your cookies from us & support MJ's troop & I'll eat the cost of shipping & send them to you. Thin mints? Samoas? What's your cookie of choice? For me, it's Samoas. Holy shiz, I love them. If the delicioso cookies aren't enough to convince you, take a look at my rad Girl Scout, MJ

Here is how it will work: you can email me your orders now to hollyblogs@ymail.com. I will get the cookies around February 20th. As soon as I have them, I will email you for payment. Once I received yo moneyz, I'll ship off your little box o' yums. If you'd like, you can pre-pay for your cookies now. I've set up a PayPal account with the same email: hollyblogs@ymail.com.

One box of cookies is $4. It is the same price for all flavors.

Here are the options for the future party in your tummy:

If that's not reason enough, I'm also GIVING away two boxes of cookies of YOUR CHOICE to my readers. It's my way of saying thank you for supporting my girl. You don't even have to buy from me to enter. Here are ways to earn entires:

1. Be a follower of this blog (leave a comment.)
2. Tweet about my cookie giveaway (then leave a separate comment saying you did).
3. Post to FB about this giveaway (then leave a separate comment saying you did).

That's all, folks. And GO!


  1. I'm a follower, and I LOVE GS Cookies.

  2. I'm a follower & I <3 Girl Scout Cookies!!

  3. I'm a follower and I . . . Oh wait, I'm the dad.

  4. I'm a follower, I'm piss poor, and I love me some girl scout cookies.

  5. Annnnnnd, I tweeted the link to your blog's give away. Holler.

  6. P.S.S. I FBed this link too. Whaddup now?


  7. I feel like the Cookie Monster reference, it EXTRA proof that I NEED cookies... since I sit home all day, watching toddler TV, clearly - my ass needs the help gaining weight! Here cookies, cookies, cookies!!!

  8. I'm a follower and I love girl scout cookies and the baby inside my belly does too. Awesome.