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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time for Change

A few days ago, Jess (IROCKSOWHAT) posted on Instagram that she was doing a two week no bread/no sugar challenge. I decided to join her. She is such a huge inspiration to Mamas like me & it's actually her that I credit with the 60 pounds that I have lost since having Collin.

On day two, Mandey (Mama & the Dudes) emailed me asking if I'd like to be weight loss partners with her. 

I love how blogging has opened up a new platform for me to meet other Mamas like Mandey & Jess. I know it's dweeby, but I love my Internet frandz.

Anyway, Mandey & I actually started a 17 day challenge, which conveniently ends the day before Thanksgiving. I smell a cheat day.

I've tried diets before & I always lose motivation or momentum. After starting this with Jess & Mandey, I've realized the problem was that I didn't have anyone doing it WITH me. It's essential to your success to have someone with you. Someone you can text & share with.

So, in the spirit of sharing...& motivating other Mamas, I've decided to share my progress with all of you. At the beginning of the challenge, I weighed 204. After I had Collin, I weighed 290. A lot of that went away quickly after my body started to go back to normal. I got to 204 with watching my calorie intake & that was it. But when my birthday hit, I kept finding reasons to cheat. Jess' challenge couldn't have come at a better time. I'm so mentally ready for this.

So, if I am gonna try to motivate other Mamas, I need to bare all. No more hiding my number. No more shots of my face only. Here I am. All 204 pounds, 5'9" of me. This is me.

AAfter just TWO days of cutting out carbs (aside from the ones in veggies...& even then, I had some barley today) & sugar, I have dropped nearly four pounds. In TWO days!!! When I weighed myself this morning, I was completely shocked. I have never been this close to under 200 pounds since....high school

For me, the hardest part has been cutting sugar, but I know for a lot of other Mamas, it's the bread/carbs. Letting you in on a secret...on day one of this challenge, my Dad made mashed potatoes & exclaimed that he didn't care about my diet; I was eating some of his mashed potatoes. I had three bites. And I'm still down almost four pounds in two days. It's freaking mind boggling.

I used to let incidents like the mashed potato thing get me down & then I'd sabatoge the rest of my day. I'm learning that it's okay to mess up as long as you pick yourself back up & get back on track. My self control is getting better every day that passes & seeing the numbers on my scale drop is so motivational. I weigh myself at the beginning of the day & use that as momentum for the rest of the day.

I kind of feel like this post is all over the place, but I wanted to post about it. Bare all. I know it will help me hold myself accountable, along with Jess & Mandey.

I've never looked more forward to weighing myself as I am tomorrow morning. I am so close to getting under that 200 mark. If I can do this, anyone can. I'm serious. 

Make the choice. And do it.


  1. dude, i'm so psyched for all of us!

  2. I freaking love your dad. LOVE HIM!

    Anywho, don't sweat the small screw ups. They aren't screw ups, it's life. I know I've said it before: Moderation. 3 bites vs 2 heaping servings? Moderation.

    and I agree, losing weight is easier with a partner or two.

    and lastly. I'd die with no chocolate. Die.

  3. You are doing great!! By the way I love your new blog look. :)

  4. you look so great now! but that is really awesome that you are trying something new to get healthy. mad props and the best of luck to you and mandey :) can't wait to hear progress!

  5. @Mama Mandolin - Heart you back, partner!

    @Jess - ME TOO!!!! I'm gonna be all skinny again! It's weird. This time feels so different than any other time I've tried to lose weight. It's like something clicked.

    @Debbie - He's kind of amazing. I'm so blessed.

    I'm learning not to sweat the mess ups. It's ok to mess up. It doesn't mean it's ok to sabatoge yourself. It just means to let it go. Pick yourself up. Move on.

    I am dying with no chocolate. Freaking AY!

    @Sarah - Thank you times two!

    @Melissa - Thanks, Mama! I'll be posting all about this!