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Monday, November 21, 2011

Just a lazy day!

So, today just happens to be one of those lazy days. Started off at 6:30 a.m. for some retarded reason. (Thank you Aiden) We just chilled around the room for a little while. I decided to take a shower with the doors blocked open so that I can pay attention to Aiden playing. Well . . . Mr. Stretch Armstrong somehow got his box of bunny cheddar crackers, and decided to dump a bunch all over the floor, then proceed to stomp all over them and trail them into the bathroom and then back into the bedroom. Frustrating? Yes. Funny? IT WAS SO HARD NOT TO LAUGH!!! Especially when I have to jump out of the shower to grab the box from him. Yes. Quite a funny sight.

We ended up chillin' (after I cleaned his mess up) on the floor. Aiden was loving trying to take apart my bracelets, and then my hand happened to sneak up his shirt or up his pant leg for some tickle torture. Actually, I don't really know if you can call it torture because he really enjoys getting tickled. And if he does not want to be tickled, he turns it off. NO JOKE!!! You can be going to town on the normal tickle spot, and he will just look at you like you are a moron, or just look/walk away. That is just not fair.

While talking with my most beautiful girlfriend on her lunch break, I really started wanting some pizza. I cannot remember the last time I was able to order a pizza that I wanted! So, after Holly and got off the phone, after an hour telling each other how freakin' excited we are that we are getting to see each other tomorrow night!!! After talking about how fun it is to finally have all of our kids together, under one roof, for a whole entire week!!! We hung up, and I called Red Baron Pizza in Big Bear Lake. Ordered me a pepperoni and breakfast bacon pizza!!! You know you are jealous. Especially looking at that beer. So puto good!!! What are your favorite styles of pizza?

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