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Sunday, November 20, 2011

iPhone Photos: Weeks 45 - 47

Mama & The Goo  //  He is totally my freaking kid  //  LOOK AT WHAT WE FOUND AT OUR FRIEND'S HOUSE!!!!!

Day one on the diet  //  Pine scented car freshener smells like Christmas  //  Low carb/no sugar lunch

Yummy, diet friendly breakfast  //  My Manski making me laugh  //  He makes me dweeby things

More yummy eggs  //  Black tea, thank God I can still drink that  //  Diet friendly snacks for my desk  //  Yummy chef's salad for lunch

Collin mowing on some frozen yogurt  //  Collin & Grandpa Sanford on their frozen yogurt date

Dude jacked my tea  //  The beginnings of Collin's birthday, Yo Gabz cake  //  Aunt Cort making Plex  //  The final product. Not perfect, but I'm okay with how it came out.

Getting cleanies  //  Down a total of five pounds & one whole pants size

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