Holly Days: Open House @ Mitisubishi Cement Plant

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Open House @ Mitisubishi Cement Plant

The plant where The Manksi works had their annual open house this afternoon. I didn't have Collin this weekend because he is hanging with his Papa. Sad face for me, but happy face for Collin. Anyway, we were able to take Aiden. I guess every year they give away pumpkins?! This is crazy to me seeing as how in VegasLand, we pay well over $10 for a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. Speaking of, I'm supposed to be making pumpkin seeds right now...ha! I'd much rather post these first. Pumpkin guts can totally wait.

Why so many photos of these weird cylinder things? Because this is The Packhouse and this is where Manski works. This is also where our relationship started in a weird way. Since he works graves and I am usually up late working on my blog and doing school work, he and I would spend our nights talking.....sort of like a lot. Talking and sending goofy videos and pictures back and forth. I have an unending supply of pictures of Manski on top of these. So....these little cylinder thingys (which I learned are actually called silos)...are sort of special to me. Is it weird that I kind of want to frame one?

You would think that a dirt factory would be a total snooze, but it was actually super cool seeing this big ol' factory and where my Manski gets his work on every night. He got to take Aiden and I on a personal tour in a van that the company rented (one of many) just for their employees to drive around their families in for this day!


  1. is that a Liam butterfly I see on that pumpkin?

  2. @Nicole - Yes! Liam has visited us every single time I have visited Big Bear.

  3. Awesome!!! I didn't know if the picture of Liam would come out or not!!!